frequently asked questions

Of course, the crane can lift down the table to help you rush towards the restroom.

Yes you can but, make sure your venue has the dimension of 30 X 15 metres, suitable for truck and crane both.

Yes we can do, contact us earlier

Not anything specified, you can enjoy all type of food depends what your caterers offer.

Our roundtableconsists of three standing areas for three chefs, designed in the centre of the table.

Dinner in the sky, facilitates 22 persons at a time.

Dinner in the Sky, Pakistan closely observes the ongoing changes of the weather. If any dangerous alert is hinted in our radar, we will immediately down our crane.

No dinner in the sky-Pakistan strongly prohibits the use of open fire in the sky due, to safety issues. However, space for electric stoves and gas planted stoves are fixed in our table structure.

The technology used for dinner in the sky is exclusively made according to DIN 4112, German certified.

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