Dinner in the sky works on the refined structure of a flying table, it stands high in many international skies with the most beautiful sights all around. The functions performed by dinner in the sky are the depiction of all sort of happy hours of the human life. It can either be a celebration of any sports, brand showcase, wedding event.

Dining in the sky expresses the uniformity of great experiences all over the world.

Our flying table in the sky consists of 22 seats, each are prepared in the protective manner with the adjusted seat belts. To balance the weight of the flying dining table, a crane system is used, which has been made with a German technology that helps in balancing the weight 50 meters above the ground.

DITS’s aim is to serve you the leisure of full excitement and luxury sensation. The supply of the best food with the view of high hills from 180 degree rotation is not less than any joy of the world.

We believe a great ambience brings fresh vibes to each other. Our crane dining in the sky is privileged to offer our customers to invite their friends or guest to a movie with our 3D cinematic screen. Wedding eve can become more like a royalty to bride and groom if they get a chance to celebrate their special day in the sky, unlike the traditional way.

Adding more spice to the events as showbiz in the sky, the conduct of conference meeting with our special sound system or anything you desire to relish in an inimitable way, dinner in the sky is the best choice for it.

The availability of dining in the sky is projected within the maximum duration of 8 hours. Our implementation of dining setup can be customized to our customer’s preferences, if any. With the total duration of 1 hour flight time and 20 minutes embarking per session. Total 6 flights per day are being offered and 132 people may have the excess to our incredible services daily.

To fulfill your pleasantness pursuit of experience, our highly qualified engineers and staff will be continuously monitoring the activity of the flying table with reference to high-pressure protectiveness from the air side.

Company’s History

dinner in the sky, sky the concept of dining adventure on the sky is chiefly the establishment of the world’s best communication agency “Hakuna Matata”, Belgium. Back in 2006, this risk crisper agency stepped into their fantasy-based idea for the dining of diverse meals of the best restaurant, but as surrealist organism speaks for the disclosure of the unconscious mind into creativity, the same path was followed by the team of “dinner in the sky “.

Our goal behind this flying dining concept is to provide our clients and customers with two factors, Exclusivity and Safety. To have a moment of life with your favourite ones that are also up in the sky, is a source of happiness for today’s’ generation.

They lift up the flying table in the sky via crane system and offer a spring of amusement for the enjoyers around the world.

Dinner in the sky started their journey of banqueting in the sky with the collaboration of 22 newly developed restaurants in Europe. Preceding with the successful years, Dinner in the sky has now efficaciously showcased its flying table themed restaurant in 62 countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa , Mexico, India, Brazil, Dubai, USA and many more.

To provide an exciting plethora of escapade to our customers, Dinner in the sky have covered several of events including sports events, brand showcasing, wedding or B2B meetups. Whether it’s an ice cooling view from the Marina Dubai, the high sight of Monaco hills, café at Nokia for internet fun or Opera playing in the sky of London Tower. Every beautiful venue have already been covered by dinner in the sky.

The famous dinner in the sky’s excellence could not resist living behind the bushes of widespread news channels, magazines and out of sight of the popular artists. Media platform as ABC, NBC, Forbes, Elle, etc has high-lightened dinner in the sky operations as their most popular segments.

In a nutshell, the restaurant works on the formula of happiness and entertainment with scrumptious food and a perfect ambience. Dinner in the sky is currently running its operations in 62 countries including Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Finland, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South-Africa, India, Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas and many more.

Introduction of D.I.T.S. Pakistan

Pakistan, a country full of spirits and cultural emotions adapt the best to serve their guests or customers.

With running operations present in 62 countries, dinner in the sky has well-kept the charming way to provide enjoyable ride with the delicious serving of food to its customers. The same concept with much more newness and uniqueness are designed for dining in the sky Pakistan.

Karachi is known to be the metropolitan city of Pakistan. From trading of goods at sea to the busy airport terminal, Karachi has always been known for its profound interesting history, heritage, a place for visitors and fun-filled night lighting city.

With the same gigantic enthusiasm from Karachiites, Dinner in the sky Pakistan has launched its first dining in the sky operation in Karachi. The most important reason for Karachiites to enjoy is the refreshing evening air. Another big reason is the best supply of scrumptious food from small to big eateries.

While keeping all the above specialties of Karachi in mind, Ali Atara, along with his professional team, decided to set up a quality restaurant, Dinner in the Sky Pakistan, which has been composed of a flying table up in the sky with exhilarating views of the city with 180 degree rotation. Our customers can cherish the views of the city of lights while sitting up and revolving around.

With our past experience in 62 international countries, we have also implemented customized crane design service. It can be prepared for a birthday party, a wedding event, a brand showcase and for many other purposes.


Dinner in the sky is the concept of delivering the two main functions, i.e., Amusement and Safety. The contemporary formula generated by the Belgium Company for a flying table, dinner in the sky is the best source of entertainment for the citizens of Pakistan.

We do not believe any business should be cherished without looking at its riskier part, the safety of our customers up in the sky is the first priority our business. To ensure, our flying tables, including chairs, are well seated and fully belted. We have adopted all the mechanism of German norm Din 4112.

Our Vision & Mission


D.I.T.S Pakistan with its rousing idea of dining in the sky, will encourage diverse clients and customers all over Pakistan, to make themselves adaptable to new entertainments, while maintaining a fun and safety factor of the flying crane with upgraded advancement.


D.I.T.S Pakistan tends to provide a competitive level of this unique platform to its customers and clients to rejoice their normal ambience of meetings. It’s a celebration of events in a next level environment.

Ceo’s message

“Ali Atara expresses his gratitude to everyone, all the clients and customers for reaching out to the website, “Dinner in the sky –Pakistan”
“Are you dreaming to be the world’s extraordinary being?”

I aim to run D.I.T.S Pakistan in a patriotic manner, by depicting my country’s rigorous competitive edge of excellence all around the world. I believe that the people of my country has all the potential to adapt and converse with the advanced technology of the world, just as faster as the neighboring countries. We don’t stand on the side and see the world growing, but rather we invade the opportunities subletting in our region. By bringing the Belgium idea “dinner in the sky” in Pakistan, I prospect to provide my country’s people, the feeling of lavish environment, a chance to dine out in the sky with the leisure of phenomenon sights and the new impression of entertainment with respect to our religion and culture!

Let today be the start of something new!

Thank you!


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