Dinner in the sky has been magnificently providing its B2B clients with the lifetime exposure of the world by conducting its fantabulous events with a keen eye on branding and special effects.



Every event fits your finger into a new engagement!

Dinner in the sky has been tremendously investing its dynamism for the past years in organizing one of the special moments for its B2B clients. At D.I.T.S, it is believed that nothing could be more relishing to your business than to instigate your business friends with the efficiency of your product and services.

Dinner in the sky has proudly hosted one of the best events for its partners, such as,

  • Golfing beyond the 60 meter surface of the water.
  • The trial of Nokia N-series with portable mobile and functions, all arranged at the height.
  • What could be more exciting than to play online poker in the sky?
  • Enchantments with the loud roar of support for a rugby match.
  • Witness the intense situation between the soccer from sky couch.
  • Cheer the boag, while watching the lane of horse riding from the height of the sky.
  • Contemporary style launch of Peugeot 2016, how lavishing to see its luxuriousness beside to your table on the sky.
  • Nissan Le Mans with the adventure of the virtual arcade game, all above the sky.

Top Brands at Dinner In The Sky

In the preceding years till present, dinner in the sky has a huge demand from the corporate side all over the world.Have a look at the list of top brands and their activities with dinner in the sky, all around 62 countries of the world.

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